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Patrick Xu

Beast Bay Press, founded in the fall of 2016, is a grassroots screen printing shop, funded for and by the people.  We have 5 members, including 3 Oakland natives. Progressing humbly via grassroots community building, we have cultivated a clientele of highly imaginative designers that demand efficient printing!!

We provide at-cost printing services for social/ecological justice movement related work.  We can help you print propaganda, shirts, posters, flyers, etc. Printing with us is very affordable: we provide free instruction in the craft, and materials at cost, while inviting people to donate what they can towards our rent.

We’re looking for more members to our collective.  As a member you’ll have your own locker and full access to our shop so you can pursue your own artistic work. We ask for a suggested donation of $50-$100 per month for full 24/7 access to our shop (the only restriction is if there is a private/closed event being held in the space).

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Don Thread

I have been gardening for about 2 1/2 years with the goal of promoting the consumptions of a deverse variety of healthy organic produce, making many types available useful to multiple ethnicities all free of ost as an example to others how easy it is to supply healthy food to many in a small space with minmal cost for production. space with minimal cost for production. another aspect is demonstrating the importance of aesthetics in the garden space. An attractive garden can be a place for inspiration and relaxation.


Christine Hernandez

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Emilio Hernandez

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